I welcome  you to my home graphic design studio.


Located in Russia,  i   work with the whole world.

My name is Rita. I am graphic designer with 20 years of experience.

I am totally self-educated and proud to be.

In college, i studied office management but worked in this direction for only 4 years.

After that i went to freelance and began to  study tons of read and viewed info, plus the continuous practice of what became my university.

I still continue to improve my knowledge and skills, which I share with you. 



LOGO DESIGN for your company, considering all the needs of your target audience and your business line. 

YOUR BRAND IDENTITY DEVELOPMENT from scratch and on a turn-key basis,  considering all the needs of your target audience and your business line.

I also can advise you on the color palette, typography, brand icon and other questions regarding your brand identity design.

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT DESIGN optimal for your account promotion.

STATIONERY DESIGN that may includes: brochures, flyers, invitations, info graphics and more. Both editable and ready-to-print.

WIX SITE TEMPLATE DESIGN based on your brand style and business line.

Creating digital design supplies such as clip arts, digital prints,   backgrounds, Photoshop and Canva add-ons. Pre-made downloads and custom designs. 


I am not illustrator. I do not complicated drawings such us portraits, landscapes, still life and so on. If you need a complex drawing, please hire an illustrator, then I can use a ready-made image on your logo.

I am not SMM. I do not promote your social media, i just do design the content. 

I am not copywriter. I do not develop the text for your sites, social media and other. I do use only ready-made text or random text which you can update anytime.

I do not custom fonts. Custom font development is absolute other graphic design niche. Thus i work with pre-made fonts only.