Create Instagram post using my graphics. Step-by-step tutorial for beginners (freebie included)

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

If you are an absolute beginner in working with graphics, you need an easy-to-use image editor.

I recommend Photoscape. It's free, works with Windows and Mac. Download Photoscape here  Then u sure have to install it and here we go. Now lets see what can u do with one of my design elements using this graphic editor. We will create the Instagram post.

Open Photoscape and click on "Editor" (i'm on PC using Photoscape v.3.7):

Go to Menu and click on "New Photo"

It will asks you to set the size and color of the image. For Instagram post i recommend u 1080x1080pxl. And we will work with white backround for now.

New image created:

Go to "Object, click on image icon and choose "Photo":

It will direct you to the file folders, select the desired folder and file. I will use the pink watercolor circle from this clip art: