Fonts matter! Find out why

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

The font you are going to use is not just a part of the design. It should also give a clear idea of your brand and business

Choosing the right font should be taken seriously.

Common font associations include (data provided by

  • Serif Fonts, including Times New Roman, Georgia, and Garamond:Authoritative, Traditional, Respectable

  • Sans Serif Fonts, including Helvetica, Arial, and Verdana: Modern, Clean, Stable

  • Slab Serif Fonts, including Rockwell, Courier, and Museo: Bold, Strong, Modern

  • Script Fonts, including Lobster, Lucida, and Brush Script: Elegant, Friendly, Creative

  • Modern Fonts, including Politica, Eurostyle, and Matchbook: Fashionable, Stylish, Exclusive

Thus, first of all, you should decide on the style and orientation of your brand (includes the occupation, target audience, goals etc) then choose the font associated with it.

Сonsider two examples:

Poorly! The font for the brand name is selected incorrectly. Such a font is suitable for the logo of a candy store, kindergarten, a toy store etc. It sets up a consumer in a cheerful way, reminds of cartoons and gummy bears. But in no way inspires to spend the day in the spa salon. Why? Because beauty salon = femininity. And for this purpose a delicate script will be suitable because it is associated with femininity, beauty and pleasant pastime. Here it is:

Thus, even if you adore gummy bears and cartoons but are going to run a beauty salon, you will have to give up funny fonts and graphics in favor of elegant ones

Follow the trends! Yes, fonts are also can be trendy and old-fashioned.

Regardless of your business, the frilly "overdressed" font on the logo will be a sign of bad taste. Simplicity, elegance and ease. Fact.