How to accept the site template on WIX

When you purchase a ready-made or custom-made website template, you need to transfer it to your account on WIX.

How to do it?

First of all, sign up WIX.COM.

Then provide your designer with e-amail address you used for signing up and currently using to sign in to ur WIX account.

Important! Make sure you have access to this mailbox!

Site will bne transferred and u will recieve the e-mail from WIX with a message that the site has been sent to you and you must accept it . U will have to accept site transfer by clicking the URL in the email. Once accepted confirmation email will be sent.

Then sign in to ur WIX account and go to "My Sites" tab. There u will see your site template thumbnail, hover it and click on the "pen" icon and it will lead u to the site builder.

Now u are its owner and have the ability to edit and make any changes.

Warning! Only after accepting the site by clicking the link in the email it will be transferred to your WIX account. The link is valid within 3 days. If you do not manage to accept your site within 3 days, it must be re-sent.

Once u accept the site u will need to upgrade your WIX account to premium.

Hover over the thumbnail of the site and you will see a proposal to get a domain and get premium account. Choose the domain name and premium plan that suits u better then check out.

WIX will offer you to subscribe for 1 year, this is optimal and let u save. Domain name included. The next payment will be debited from your card one year from the date of the first subscription.

Make sure that you accept the site template FIRST and then purchase the premium and connect it to the domain.

If you need help editing the site, you can add co-authors or provide your webmaster with username (username = ur email address u used for sign up) and password from your WIX account.