How to promote your Instagram account

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Beautiful and well-chosen pictures are very important. But sometimes high-quality content is not enough.

Let's see what is good and what is bad for ur Instagram account promotion.

Good: hashtags. Set hashtags that are directly related to your post, instagram will offer you the most popular of the selected ones. In addition, there are hashtags that help increase the followers: #instafollow, #l4l (Like for like), #tagforlikes и #followback

Bad: too many hashtags or even if your post contains hashtags only. If you post a random photo and set all possible hashtags from the most popular on the net and ending "like4like", it will kill ur account in notime. Noone likes to follow bots.

Good: be generous with likes and comments - this is the easiest way to attract new subscribers.

Bad: too many likes and meaningless comments. In the best case, you will look annoying and stupid, in the worst case, the system will ban you as spam.

Time matters. Studies have shown that it is best to post at 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Good: follow users who use popular hashtags (#followme, #likeforlike), because many of them will follow you in response.

Bad: same as in the previous tip. Do not overdo it. If the number of your subscriptions is much higher than the number of followers, the system may ban you.

Good: only quality content! Your posts should be interesting and topical. For example, share a moccaccino recipe in winter, and in summer tell us how you make a watermelon smoothie.

Bad: try to cover absolutely all things in the world. Focus only on what is really close to you and your audience. You will look ridiculous if on your make-up themed account you start discussing the state of affairs in the Middle East.

Good: check ur bio. Complete it with appropriate words and hashtags, as well as provide a link to your site.

Bad: aggressive ads of your service, too many hashtags and links. Rememeber of spam!

Good: ask questions. This is a great way to get in touch with your target audience.

Bad: to make your audience work too hard. One question per week will be enough.

Post on Sundays. This day people post not mush, so your post will meet the maximum number of views.

Good: call to action. For example, ask to comment your photo or post.

Bad: ask it under ur each photo. It will be like begging.

Good: post regularly. Try to post at least one post per day.

Bad: too often or too rare. In the first case, your posts will be annoying; in the second case, they will simply forget about you.

Good: post photos where the face is visible. According to studies, such publications are 35% more popular than others.

Bad: post portraits only. Monotony does not appeal to anyone.

Don't miss geolocation. This will be especially useful if you run an Instagram for ur business. So you will have the opportunity to attract neighbor followers.

Good: hold promotions to attract subscribers. For example "follow instagram and get a discount".

Bad: do not comply with the terms of the promotion. Firstly, because cheating is not good, and secondly, it will kill not only your account but your business sooner or later.

Good: if you run a business account, create a company hashtag (eg, #ihelpurart ). So users can specify it when purchasing goods. And this will increase your Instagram visibility by several times.

Bad: persistently request and remind your clients to share your hashtag. Remember, ur customers owe you nothing :)

Good: share photos of followers where they mention your brand or product. This shows that you value every customer. In exchange, they will definitely share your photos in their feed.

Bad: disclose personal data. I think no need to explain why.

Make yourself a brand: use your name not only for your profile. For example, branded sticker on a car will surely attract the attention of potential subscribers.

Good: people love stories. Share your experiences and thoughts, so you will gain their trust and make contact.

Bad: nagging and evil. Share your experiences, but not just the negative. Where there is no place for fun, try to keep a neutral and calm.

And here goes the list of quick tips & tricks:

  • Make the posts with a motivating or inspirational quotes.

  • Post helpful tips.

  • Schedule publications using apps. The sequence has not bothered anyone.

  • Invite your Facebook friends to follow you. To do this, in the profile settings, select "Find friends on Facebook."

  • Attract an audience from other social networks (twitter, pinterest etc), share ur Instagram profile on there.

  • Share live photos. Show that there is a living person behind a beautiful picture.

  • Agree with a popular blogger about advertising your profile or product.

  • Do not be lazy to post a stories and arrange live broadcasts.

And the main advice is to be patient and be prepared to work hard. Good luck!

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