The main mistakes when choosing your logo design

To make your logo really good, certain mistakes must be avoided.

There are most popular of them.

Mistake 1: following trends.

Trends come and go. In the end, they turn into cliches. A well-designed logo should be durable. This can be achieved if you do not rely on newfangled tricks and techniques.

If now abstract and oneline art are trending, this does not mean that the same trend will continue, say after 3 years. Try to ignore current trends to avoid constant restyling.

Here is an example of logos that are beyond of trends and time:

Mistake 2: your logo is overloaded with decorative elements

An image containing too many details is poorly perceived in print or when viewing a reduced version visually.

The details of a complex design will be lost, and in some cases it will look dirty or, even worse, be perceived incorrectly.

Look at the logos of world famous brands. Their images are simple, easy to remember, to view and to print in any format.

Here is an example of simple and clear logos:

Mistake 3: color dependence

Without color, your logo may lose its identity. Right?

NO! This is a very common mistake. Many are eager to add some favorite colors.

Nevertheless, the choice of color should be the last of your decisions, so it is best to start development with a black and white version.

Here are an examples of logos that, regardless of brand identity, use one color:

Mistake 4: wrong font

When it comes to creating a logo, choosing the right font is the most important decision you must make.

Choosing the perfect font for your logo is to match the style of the image. But there may be tricks. If the match is too close, the image and font will compete with each other for the viewer's attention. If on the contrary, the viewer will not understand what to focus on. The main thing is to find the right balance.

The whole message of the brand will be a blank shot if the selected font does not display image characteristics.

Do not use too many fonts in one logo (maximum 3, one from each type of font).

Do not use hard-to-read, artsy, or too thin fonts.

Here are examples of logos with well-chosen fonts and images:

Mistake 5: logo for yourself, not for customers

Often thinking over your future logo, you want to use your favorite fonts, colors and images in it. Do not do this!

Focus primarily on the requests of your target audience, and not on your preferences.

Even if you are a big fan of handwritten font and gold texture, think whether it's suitable for the construction business logo?

Here are examples of logos where the preferences of the target audience are in the focus:

Mistake 6: monogram

One of the most common mistakes when ordering your logo is the desire to get a monogram from the initial letters of the company name or your own name (for example, YSL for Yves Saint Laurent). Although at first glance it looks inventive, but with the initials of the company it is difficult to achieve credibility or convey the necessary message. Of course, you can try, but do not stop there if there are other logo design options. At least you can use your initials as a signature or icon.

Also try not to turn the name of the company into an abbreviation if it has not become commonplace.

HP, LV, IBM, and BMW did not start their way with abbreviations; they became it many years after gaining a high-class reputation.

Here are example of famous monogram logo:

Mistake 7: using visual cliches

A light cam as a symbol of photographer, scissors - for hairdresser, a dumbbell - for gym, etc. These ideas are the first to come when brainstorming.

But how can your design be unique if the same idea is present in many other logos? Avoid visual cliches and suggest an original idea.

For example, if you are a photographer who specializes in landscapes, use the image of a tree on your logo. But you can completely abandon the symbolism, your logo will not lose at all.

Here are examples of logos that used non-cliché symbolism:

Mistake 8: copy, steal or borrow design

No matter how you like the Mercedes-Benz logo, the three-pointed star in the circle is already taken.

Do not mislead your customers by making the logo look like a famous brand.

Get inspired but don't steal ideas.

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