What is the brand questionary for?

Mutual understanding is very important. This is especially important when working with a designer. What helps us understand each other? Specific question and clear answer. That’s why you need to responsibly complete the questionnaire.

I made the questionnaire in such a way that every answer matters. This way i understand your wishes, it helps me to get your vision and also saves your and my time.

Сommon mistakes when filling out the questionnaire

  • The use of words and phrases such as “romantic”, “stunning” or “i want a unique logo”, “i want my logo to attract attention”.

Why? There is no single concept of romantic or stunning. Thus, my concept can be completely different from yours. Solution? Just specify what fonts, colors, image and textures you would like to me to use. Thats it.

You say “i want a unique logo” or “i want my logo to attract attention”. Well, who does't? These requirements are obvious and there is no particular need to report them. design requires precision, and excessive details are only confusing.

Solution: just tell me more about ur business and target audience and specify the fonts, images, colors and textures u want me to use. I will do the rest for your brand myself.

  • Trying to describe in detail the colors and fonts. For example, "pinkish, but more nude then pink", or "minimalistic font, but not boring".

Why? "Рinkish but more nude" is not the color name. So there is no guarantee that my "pinkish more nude" will satisfy you.

"Minimalistic font, but not boring". What is "boring" for you? Or maybe the fun font is no longer minimalistic? The answers to these questions will still not help.

Solution. Everything is fine if you opted for black, white and, say, red. Harder if you want to use mint, cream and coffee. Then here is this resource to help you. There you can make a color palette from your image and find out HEX codes for each color. Providing me with HEX codes is the greatest way to let me know what colors do u need. And here is the another resourse to help you with font. The largest collection of free fonts where u can generate the sample using your brand name.

So be detailed but laconic. Provide me with nothing but the necessary information about the desired design. Avoid metaphors and poetic expressions. The design will be carried out strictly in accordance with your requirements set out in the questionnaire. So the result of the work depends a lot on your answers. Also, be prepared to accept some corrections in case of stylistic errors.